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10 years after BEL CBSE

10 years after BEL CBSE 

An article written for the Silver Jubilee Celebration Memoir of our school

          The thought of completing 10 years after graduating out of the school rings back very fond memories. Scores of images were recreated in front of my eyes. Every morning during the morning assembly, news headlines, trivia and the population count for the day were read. I was the school captain then, and opposite to me was the queue for First Std and Second Std students. Even these students have graduated of the school now. This is how fast the time flies.
         These are not just images, they are experiences. Each of these experiences has affected us in the next phase of life - work/career. These learnings from school have helped us steer clear of many things. It has taught us some of the most basic skill-sets that a student must have – discipline, obedience, loyalty, punctuality, courage, fearlessness, inquisitiveness and friendliness, only to be shattered in the tough competitive environment outside of school. But in most of us, it surfaces at the right time to solve our challenges.
              How do we do sound judgement? This ability is achieved when we do mistakes. At school, they taught us to learn from these mistakes. The cumulative effect of these mistakes has enabled us to make sound judgement now.
             This school has seen many siblings studying together, likewise in our batch too. My brother, G S Naqvi, was also a student of this institution. Unlike me, he was here for all the 10 years of his schooling. The friends and company he developed here are the ones, I hope, will cherish for life. He too, like his older sibling, was the school captain and shares the similar characteristics. But in some ways, he was a better leader. He was really an all-rounder. He was equally good in education, sports, painting, dance and
drama. The values of friendship, discipline, patience was all learnt and developed in school. He was always, at least, a step ahead of his brother.
         I wish that the school continues to stay as a blessing for generations to come and the new teachers bear the same feelings towards the students and the ones that taught us. Let the school reach great heights and accomplish laurels in the world.

G S Javed
Ph.D Scholar, ECE Dept,
Indian Institute of Science
2002 Batch

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Parameter Conversion: S to Z Y h T

When an RF Engineer starts designing a circuit, there comes a time where s/he encounters s-parameters. Looking at that s/he needs to make a call on the different other parameters like h-, Z-, T- or Y-.

Is there a tool which does it for you?
YES, there is !!

A web based calculator which can do the conversion of S-Y-Z back and forth.

How does it do that ?

The formulae which allow us to go through with the rigour needed are available in most texts and scholarly articles.

But for the people in the MATLAB zone, there is the RF ToolBox which has the s2z converter function to do the needful.

Hey, hello !! Hold on!! What are you talking about ?

2-Port Network - RF Cafe
The 2-port network shown above is representative of that implied in the application of these equations.

All of the parameter equations make use of complex values for all numbers of impedance and the resulting matrix parameters, i.e., Z = R ± jX.

Z01 and Z02 are the complex impedances of ports 1 and 2, respectively; similarly, Z*01 and Z*02 are the complex conjugates of the respective impedances.

 Happy Designing !

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Continuous Time Sigma Delta ADC

A few links that explain techniques and suggestions that active Analog Circuit Designers can use.

  1.  Current Steering DAC is a commonly used circuit to go along with Multi-bit quantizer for Sigma  Delta Converters.  For a very interesting discussion on them for verilog modelling, read here.
  2.  Quantization and Voltage Dynamic Range - here
  3. Measuring SNR and PSD for SD ADC implemented on a FPGA
  4. Simulating a DSM in Simulink

Hope these help you get started with designing a Sigma Delta ADC.

Cheers !!


When you characterize your Silicon, you tend to realise that absense of a screw/nail causes more trouble than the absense of a major testing equipment. The respect towards the smaller things in life increases drastically.

Some more links for the information are given below:

  1.  Plotting PSD and SINAD of an ADC in Cadence. One of the best links links that I have found in recent times.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

............ ???

After a long time, I received a positive response from the UGC. The project proposal took TWO years to move to the next table. (Hope to get the approval before 2013 :) )

Along with it, I received another news from them regarding a central portal for all the news regarding Faculty positions in the country.

At the same time, DST brings out a portal INSPIRE-ing the research careers of its research students.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Einstein's Marriage and His Research - Part I

After reading a small entry from a fellow Ph.D student, he too in his Second Year, about Albert Einstein in his graduate days, it brought out an amused laugh.

Read Between the lines My friends!!

It says, it was his 2nd year of marriage.

           He must be totally freaked out by his wife that he though of the presence of atom, How could that even happen ? .

You know why? Because she was making him go around her again and again. He would have thought "This is very interesting. She is like a nucleus which keeps me attracted towards her, and also make me run around her. Thank you Honey.
(I get another paper. That too journal. Woo hoo !!)"

Coming to the next point where he got smacked by his "so-called" friends, when he was with them, enjoying bourbon,  on how he gets flashes of light when he sees his wife at home, he got goosebumps. All the time.

Something in him realized that these flashes were getting converted into something to give him goosebumps. This was the realization.

PHOTO = light,  and Elektron = electron a.k.a Current . Something workable.

That came out to be the photoelectric effect.

To Be Continued ...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Powerpoint presentations

 I have always wondered what people think when they go through the reviews and finally, give the actual presentation.

Here's people react to it when it goes on ...