Sunday, June 1, 2014

FMCW radars

FMCW radars – Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radars
A big, fancy name for a distance sensor. Yes, it is a sensor. And it works in the 77-81 GHz range. Where? In automobiles.
 Why? Collision Avoidance, Automated Parking, etc.

It is something similar to what bat uses, Echolocation. Ultrasounds are emitted and compared with the returning pulses to create an image of the surroundings for the bat to navigate/hunt.
A modulated frequency is sent and received, and the difference in frequency is used to directly determine the distance as well as the relative speed of the object.

Your car wants to think and drive, by itself. It wants echolocation. 

Automotive applications for CW Radars